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You Cant Mingle?

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Further to informations ‘peddling’ around about certain people from various groups trying to assert themselves on people based on their national status current and previous I wish to inform you that it depends on any sole individual at anytime who he or she wants to mingle with at any time for instance everytime or the other you hear people saying this or that about this issue or that issue so in effect i wish to clarify some issues here so that you would understand better what i am writing about.You have a ‘scenario’ here; There are two groups of people who are the same in national... more »

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Willy Saints real name is William saint British citizen place of birth stpancras london uk Formerly known as Azeez Babatunde Bello

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Romford Folk Clubs Summer Madness Show Of 18/6/2013
In Romford London Essex United Kingdom
Venue -Function Room Of The Sun Pub
47 London Road Romford Essex
This topic is dedicated to people who aspire and would like to make their lives more interesting and fulfilling
It is no longer a surprise these days to find people talking in small 'tongues' or 'grumbling' about persons living in the same community not having the same types of fulfilling relationships that they have .That may not matter to most people  because a lot of them would probably think 'what the hell' some of us have better luck than each other or some persons are more fortunate than others so it doesn't matter if certain persons are more fulfilled than others but the argument becomes stronger if the same types of persons with the same intelligence or the same intelligence quotient  are more favoured or appear to be more favoured that their peers .A cross section of society would or may frown at such a development and then start to do a reappraisal of their individual and collective relationships  say for instance you live in the same area as a person or you attend the same church as another person or you are a member of the same club as another person or you go to the same schools as a person and you do not think that they are more intelligent  than you ,you may start to wonder why they are always favoured for progressions instead of you .This thinking is usually based on your different cognitive or social performance,individual  achievements. For another person to be favoured for progression instead of you you may start to think here that the individual must be special or the persons living in that community do not favour you for progressive positive development or those persons attending the same church as you do not fancy you for progressive development and were only pretending to be friends when they were not  or it might be that your own individual contributions was or has been very low with regards to developing relationships with people. If you do not think so and feel that your contributions was very  high it might be that a majority of such groupings do not favour you .So what do you  do?It may be that your personality has become stale with no colour or real life relationships i.e girlfriends, boyfriends.It might be that your qualifications has become 'obsolete' for lack of a regular work and you are not favoured for employment  and have to do training in other fields or other professions so that you might be favoured for more regular work something to give your employer confidence in your abilities.It might be that you are too poor 'financially' with no real assets or something of value  and people have become 'bored' with your very existence over the years. They may even think that you were not good enough in the first place before they started a relationship with you.All these reasons are real life reasons why some persons like yourselves are favoured instead of yourselves for prosperity and progress.

So how would you like to develop your self?
Retraining as discussed earlier would do this is very important i. new skills and new qualifications it doesn't matter whether you have graduated from university previously for a 'donkey' years or so 
This would help you  a great deal as you would be favoured by employers and you might be seen as multitalented if you add all your previous qualifications with your new qualifications
It would also help to improve  your look 'biologically' or develop your 'genetic 'arrangement by using health foods i.e food supplements so that you would appear to local people as more handsome if you were a man  or more beautiful if you were a woman. It would help to 'strike' up new relationships and new friendships with people but the problem here would be if you have a 'damaged image' or 'damaged personality' it might be difficult having those exotic friendships in newer areas so you might need to do a little bit more like developing a hobby and making it popular through your blogs and websites it would even help to learn skills such as playing musical instruments  so that you can appeal to newer social groupings all these would help improve your 'marketing persona' for yourselves All these suggestions should work for you as it did work for a good number of persons however if all these suggestions do not work it may help to apply for a transfer to a newer neighbourhood as it might take a longer time for a person with a 'damaged' personality to become 'favourable' again with local society you have to continue to move from place to place. There are thousands of villages and towns in the united kingdom if things are not happening in one area  you have to move to another where you think that the social grouping there would favour you otherwise by staying stubbornly in one area  you might be 'stranded 'and injure yourselves further socially as people that dont happen, or dont contribute, to the social development of that particular area.However if you are a 'handicapped' I would advise that you remain in the same area and look for new friendships elsewhere in other areas if you are not having a good time  as most people would not usually favour you in the first instance if you are a handicapped as to them it would mean providing some sort of support or giving you a 'connection' to happen when you ought to have proven yourselves like everybody else  socially before you mingle with 'correct society'

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The New Class System
I have recently Discovered that there has now been a change of guard i.e a 'new allingment' in the Division of our new class system
Upper middle class -these includes  higher administrative personnel i.e directors ,deputy Directors of government departments,large corporations directors of big 5 star companies
Middle class is now the class controlled by senior Administrative managers i.e principal Officers,service managers,school principals
Lower middle class -these consists of middle level managers i.e officer in charge of Government departments,small business owners and managers etc
Skilled working class -these includes working people with crafts mans qualificationsi.e Technical qualifications
Working class persons-these are persons who work in various business places including Factories and warehouses and who do not have any qualifications
Under class- these consists of all people who solely depend on the state of great britain for All their incomes i.e benefits,jsa allowance ,council tax benefits ,child benefits

These figures were culled from handouts issued by workplace 

Romford folk club Musicians took the stage again on the 7th and 21/5/ 2013 to play sweet entertaining music to visitors,musicians and patrons to a clubs function

The musicians are in the photographs below


Romford folk club musicians took part in show at the function room of the sun pub 47 london road romford essex united kingdom on 9-4-13

The show was recorded on video

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